Book of Sins

Thou shall not make a deal with the devil.

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini is just one of several projects in development. This gritty crime thriller tells the story of a thrill seeking con-man and a heist gone terribly wrong when he makes a desperate attempt at one last score.


A man's face is his autobiography...unless his story involves murder.

The Wolf

A drifter named Travis Wolf witnesses his girlfriend overdose on drugs she found in his jacket. His next move will determine his fate.

Little Monsters

Little Monsters

A neglected young girl struggles with being the victim of constant bullying and becomes depressed to the point of suicide, but when a group of mysterious children befriend her she’s given the opportunity to leave her old life behind.

J-Style Films, Inc is a production company that creates and produces feature screenplays, films, commercials, music videos and more. J-Style Films is passionate about many things but films are number one. We have a growing list of projects in development as well as in post-production aimed at major distribution around the world. This growth is a big and exciting step for our company and the reason we do what we do.

Projects Currently in Development

Dirty Martini
Genre: Crime/Thriller

Silent Murder
Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Suspense

Book of Sins
Genre: Supernatural Thriller/Horror

A Face to Die For
Genre: Action Thriller

A Bitter Taste of Magic
Genre: Mystery/Thriller

The film industry is about saying "no" to people, and inherently you cannot take "no" for an answer. -- James Cameron --